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Reviewer: Tyler Kelly| February 12, 2019| Reverse Mortgage Guide

The Home Equity Survey asked you relevant questions about your home, it’s value, and what you’d like to do with the cash this reverse mortgage provides. Using these important criteria, the Home Equity Survey may connect you with a reverse mortgage provider that is perfectly suited to your unique needs. The offers you receive are custom tailored from providers who do business in your area.

Home Equity Survey

4.3 Overall Score


The Home Equity Survey helps find a custom product for your home and unique situation based on local market conditions in your neighborhood.

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✓ Compare reverse mortgages from multiple providers

✓ Answer a few easy questions about your circumstances for a custom option

✓ Provides a great deal of information for customers to make an informed decision

✓ Excellent customer service

✓ No obligation or pushy sales tactics used


✕ Online shopping for reverse mortgages make some customers nervous

✕ Some customers prefer to speak face-to-face with a salesperson

Final Thoughts

The Reverse Mortgage Quiz by Equitywise provides a safe and smart way for consumers to view reverse mortgage options that fit their unique situations. The website is easy to use, clear, and very informative. Our team recommends this website for anyone who is not entirely sure which reverse mortgage is best for them.

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The Reverse Mortgage Quiz makes reverse mortgage quotes easy.

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