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Reviewer: Aaron Creighton | March 15, 2018 | Home Security System Buyers Guide

Vivint leads the home security industry in home automation technology. Their automated door locks, wireless security cameras, smart thermostat, and video doorbells convert your home into a secured, automated smart home. If you like technology, look no further.


4.9 Overall Score


Vivint captured the highest marks in Home Automation Security…

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✓ Beautifully Designed Equipment

✓ Wireless Video Cameras

✓ Full Home Automation

✓ Lifetime Warranty

✓ Cellular and/or Landline Connections

✓ Remote Access (Mobile App)

✓ Doorbell Camera with Two-Way Voice

✓ Indoor/Outdoor Video Cameras

✓ Environmental Disaster Protection

✓ 100% Wireless System


✕ Professional Installation Required

✕ Premium Pricing

✕ Long-Term Contract

✕ Generally Short Trial Period

About Vivint

Vivint is defining the “smart security” movement. Their technology is cutting edge and the convenience their home automation delivers is spectacular. They are one of the highest ranked security companies for a reason. Forget to turn off your iron? Leave the A/C on before leaving for a weekend getaway? Vivint has you covered– allowing you to control your thermostat, smart devices, or smart outlets from anywhere you can connect to the internet. These features do come at a premium price, but most customers say it’s worth it.

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Vivint Home Automation & Security System Features:

Complete Home Automation

With every Vivint security package, you get alerts through emails or text messages. If any motion is detected while your system is armed, you’ll know about it. With the Smart Control package, you get the whole kit and caboodle. You can also control your thermostat, small appliances, and locks from any web-enabled device, no matter your location plus 1TB of cloud storage. Whether you want to turn on a lamp or make sure the coffee maker is turned off, you can do both from across town or across the country with Vivint Control.

Reduce Energy Costs

With the Smart Control package, you can remotely control your thermostat, lamps, and small appliances from any web-enabled device. Whether you want to turn off the curling iron or turn down the thermostat while you’re not home, you can do so from your smartphone. In addition, Vivint also offers solar panel installation for customers looking to go green and lower electricity bills even more.

Completely Wireless

Your central control panel can communicate with Vivint’s monitoring center with or without a landline, giving your system more versatility. You can also install this system without running wires all throughout your house.

Security Cameras

Vivint’s streaming video allows you to watch real-time camera footage or recorded clips of your home from any location. Just pull out your smartphone or other web-enabled device to check up on your home and see camera footage. If you’re home and don’t wish to record, simply use Privacy Mode on your camera to disable remote viewing and recording, or turn it off completely.


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